1. SK GLOBAL has the right but not the obligation, to inspect any shipment including, without limitation, opening the shipment.

2. SK GLOBAL shall have alien on any goods shipped for all freight charges, custom duties, advances or other charges of any kind arising out
of transaction hereunder and may refuse to surrender possession of the goods until such charges are paid.

3. The liability of SK GLOBAL for any loss or damage to the shipment (which term shall include all documents or parcels consigned to
SK GLOBAL under this Airbill) is limitedto the lesser of :

(a) Rs.500.00 (for International Shipment) and Rs. 100.00 (for National Shipment) or

(b) The amount of loss or damage to a document or parcel actually sustained whichever is less.

4. SK GLOBAL will endeavour to exercise its best efforts to provide expeditious delivery in accordance with regular delivery schedule .

SK GLOBAL will not under any circumstances, be liable for delay in pickup, transportation or delivery of any shipment, regardless of the
cause of such delay.

Further, SK GLOBAL shall not be liable for any loss, damage, misdelivery or non-delivery.

(a) Due to act of God, force majeure occurance of any cause reasonably beyond the control of SK GLOBAL or

(b) Caused by :
(i) The act, default or ommision : of the shipper, the consignee or any other party who claim an interest in the shipment (including violaton of
any terms or condition hereof), or of any other person other than SK GLOBAL or of any customs or other government officials, entity or
person to whom a shipment is tendered by SK GLOBAL for transportation to any location not regularly served by SK GLOBAL regardless of
whether the shipper requested or had knowledge of such third party delivery arrangment.

(ii) The nature of the shipment or other defect characteristic, or inherent vice thereof.

(iii) Electrical or magnetic injury, erasure, or other such damages to electronic or photographic images or recodings in any form.

5. Any claims must be brought by the shipper and delivered in writing to the office of SK GLOBAL within 15 days of the date of such acceptance.
No claims may be made against SK GLOBAL outside of the time limit. No claim for loss or damage will be entertained until all transportation
charges have been paid. The amount of any such claim may not be deducted from any transportation charges owed to SK GLOBAL.

6. We do not carry Cash, Jewellery, Precious Metals, Contraband, Antiques, Liquor, bearer cheques etc.

7. The liability of SK GLOBAL will be limited to the liability accepted by our Principal.

8. Shipper agrees to send this shipment at it's own cost & risk.

9. It is the primary responsibility of the shipper not to deliver any goods which are in any way, whatsoever, banned by the rules & regulations of
the airlines or the Government of India or any international law as amended from time to time for e.g. drugs, cash, jewellery, contraband etc.
It will not be the responsibility of SK GLOBAL to check these items before they are delivered for outward journey. In case of any default or
lapse whether intentional or non-intentional, it will be the sole responsibility of the Shipper.

10. All disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.